Welcome to Focus on the 90%

"Darci, to say that your presentation was a HUGE hit with our 900+ staff at our Opening Day on August 31, 2015 is a massive understatement. Many have said that you were the BEST Opening Day speaker we’ve ever had. Others have literally thanked me for bringing you in. You have such an incredible gift for connecting with people and conveying some challenging principles in a way that people can relate to and accept. Our staff laughed, pondered and even cried – and literally talked about your presentation for days afterward. Your message of “Focusing on the positive 90%” was 100% on track with Foothills School Division’s mission statement of “Exploring… Developing… and Celebrating the unique gifts and abilities of EVERY student”. It was obvious that you’d done your homework by your understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing employees in Education. Thank you for the major contribution you made to the success of our event. People headed on to their schools feeling inspired and energized. And it’s clear that you and your staff walk the talk – you were all such a pleasure to work with. I hope that our paths may cross again in the future. "

Deborah Spence I Communications & Events Manager I FOIP Coordinator Foothills School Division

  • Imagine coming to work knowing that your team was as excited to be there as you are.
  • Imagine being able to walk away from a difficult situation without having it take over your entire day.
  • Increase morale by improving working relationships.
  • Change what you focus on to be happier at work and at home.
  • Establish a culture in your organization that focuses on the positive.
  • Ignite the passion, creativity and commitment that brought you to your career in the first place.
  • You and your team will be inspired to move your Focus to the 90%.
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