Darci Lang Focus on the 90%
May 2017 — Go Celebrate!

Today I turn 48 and I will celebrate 24 years of speaking. For half of my life, I have been a motivational speaker. I have learned a lot in 48 years.

I have learned:

Birthdays are celebrations. I tear up looking at my mom’s and mother-in-law’s pictures, wishing they were still with me.

You have to learn to see your past through a 90% lens. Seeing through the 10% will affect your quality of life. Heal your wounds.

Tell everyone how grateful you are to have the job you have. It will teach them to be proud of their work and you will be a magnet in the world.

Only complain three times about your 10%s and then do something about it.

Marriages need love and attention. I love Darren, the man I have shared half of my life with.

Teenagers need us to be rested and nourished, so we can take care of them with patience and understanding. Being a mom is far more important than being a speaker.

The small choices you make everyday to take care of yourself not only pay off in how you feel today but later on as well.

Learn to love yourself, even if no one taught you how to. The world will mirror that back to you.

Go celebrate today… I know I will!