Darci Lang Focus on the 90%
January 2017 — Letting Go

Rather than a New Year’s resolution, I like to pick a theme that I can apply to all areas of my life. My theme this year is “Letting Go”.

On our winter holiday, my cell phone was stolen from my beach bag. I spent our two-week holiday with no cell phone. I had brought David Hawkins book, “Letting Go” and thought what a perfect time to practice his message.

Firstly, I had to “let go” of what I did to attract this and believe whoever stole my phone must need it more than I did. Then I had to “let go” of the fear of what might happen to all of my contacts and email addresses and idea lists. I had dozens and dozens of ideas for future book titles and content. So if someone writes a book under one of my titles I will let you know! LOL. Then I had to “let go” of my attachment to my phone. I was amazed at how often I reached for my phone in a day. I embraced the freedom of no technology and settled into finishing the book.

Then I had to take a good look at my life and see if there were areas where I was still hanging onto old resentments and anger. I am a positive person but David taught me that I am still hanging onto some 10%s in my life. I spent two weeks working on, and “letting go” of old resentments and anger.

For 2017, are there any 10%s you need to “let go”? What will your theme be for 2017?