Darci Lang Focus on the 90%
June 2017 — To Be a Dad

As part of a project, our son John’s high school class was asked, “What is on your bucket list?” John raised his hand and said, “To be a Dad”. The teacher emailed me to say that clearly my husband was a great father for my son to put “being a dad” on his bucket list. I told him that he was right, Darren is a wonderful father.

Parenting has had many 90% days in our house and it also has had its 10%s. We have parented through Darren’s depression, Jayda’s health challenges and John’s anxieties. We have traveled together as a family dozens and dozens of times. We have attended the funerals of our moms, family members and friends. We have had to say good bye to our beloved family pets.

All the while my husband has stepped up as a father. Even during his very difficult depression days there was not a time when Darren did not try. He sought counselling, read books, attended seminars and finally found the right medication. He apologized when he made a mistake and hosted endless family meetings where we could talk about how each of us felt. I often tell my children that despite the 10%s they have a dad who never stops striving to be a better father.

Darren’s dad died when he was eight years old. No one taught him how to be a great father, he had to learn on his own. So to Darren, my dad and all of the dads, grandfathers, uncles, and other men who impact children’s lives:

Happy Fathers Day.