Darci Lang Focus on the 90%
November 2017 — Focused

Hello Newsletter Friends!

Starting today, I enter into the busiest week and half long stretch I have ever had in my 24 year career. Like most people, sometimes it feels like I need to schedule in time to breathe, but I am grateful for each moment. My schedule is full but so is my heart, and I wanted to share with you what I do to stay focused on the 90% during this very blessed busy time.

I eat and drink only healthy food and beverages. Literally…only. I cannot get sick, run down or take a day off. The difference between showing up with tons of energy or low energy is equal to the amount of healthy foods I consume. I cannot stress enough how eating whole foods adds to my energy.

I sleep. I give up a clean house, finished projects and answered emails to go to bed as early as possible. Not only do I need energy for my work but sometimes I need more energy when I get home. My family needs me to hit the ground running. No one has time for me to be tired.

I give myself the gift of silence. In times when my mind is racing and I am preparing for the next big event, I must create spaces of silence to let my mind sort it all out and rest. I drive in silence, put ear buds in at the airport and on the airplane to avoid too much visiting (which I love to do!) and I do not turn a TV on at home or in the hotel. I crave silence.

I do not take on anything…. or anyone… extra. The mission is: Out the door and back in the best possible, positive way. I protect and preserve myself from anything toxic.

Darren asked me the sweetest thing a spouse could ever ask, “What can I do to support you during this time?” When we are busy, we need to calmly communicate what we need. By doing this, I save myself from coming home a depleted woman who is focused only on the 10%. 

You may be entering a busy time with the Christmas season. Make sure you go into the season rested, nourished, and taking care of you. If someone you love is entering their busy time, be a support them. Ask them the sweet words, “How can I support you?”

Let’s give ourselves permission to acknowledge what we need to be at our best. Let’s take the time to be kind to ourselves and others. Let’s embrace our 90%s.