Darci Lang Focus on the 90%
October 2017 — THNKFUL

My licence plate says “THANKFUL” – well, it actually says “THNKFUL”. I know that there are many reasons to be thankful even during the most challenging times.

Be THNKFUL for your job. Being thankful for my job allows me to see it through a 90% lens. Some days are 10%; cancelled flights, lost luggage and icy highways. Yet, if I only saw these aspects, I would be tired, old and certainly not motivated. I am thankful for the opportunity to travel to amazing places, for the people I meet along the way, and for the audience members whose stories touch my life. If you can’t be thankful for the job you have, it’s time to move on.

Be THNKFUL for your coworkers. Quite often, it’s the people who you spend your day with, rather than the work itself, that makes a job enjoyable or miserable. 90% of the people you work with are great people, so who do celebrate? Do you do the small things - like sending a thank you card or email? Do you add please and thank you to your email requests? Simple words and actions add up. 10% of your coworkers are not great to work with, but we are not here to change the 10% people, we are here to celebrate the 90% ones.

Be THNKFUL for your customers. When is the last time you thanked your very best customers? We spend so much time trying to make the 10% customers happy that quite often we run out of time to thank those who are great.

Be THNKFUL for your family. I text Darren from airports and tell him how thankful I am that he looks after our home life when I am on the road. I would rather text “Don’t forget recycling, make sure that the kids finish their homework and please empty the dishwasher.” But these types of texts don’t make him feel appreciated. I am thankful for my teenagers. Some people don’t get to raise their children and I remind myself of this when I am dealing with homework and curfews.

Be THNKFUL for your health. My late mom had a poster in her office that read, “If you think money’s everything, you have never been sick.” Mental and physical health is so important to living your best 90% life.