Darci Lang Focus on the 90%

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Get out your personal development toolbox because this simple tool will change the way you view your life!

"To say that your presentation was a huge hit with our 900+ staff is a massive understatement. Many said that you were the best Opening Day speaker we've ever had. You have such an incredible gift for connecting with people and conveying some challenging principles in a way that people can relate to accept."
— Foothills School Division

Darci suggests that with her tool, we can learn to discover 90% of what is good:

  • in our jobs

  • with our coworkers

  • with our clients

  • at home

But it doesn't stop there! Darci gives real life practical answers and engages the audience by asking them to think about their own real-life situations building into leadership, customer service, and overall life-satisfaction.


A positive attitude is at the heart of your personal and professional success. It helps you work well with others and better serve clients. It keeps you motivated and productive during challenging times. It helps you to feel happier and more fulfilled at work and have something left for friends and family when you get home.

If you'd like to develop a 90% attitude, plan to attend this inspiring workshop.

  • Feel happier on the job and with co-workers. Your attitude ripples out and affects how you feel about your job and those you work with.
  • Learn to stay resilient, focused and productive when dealing with issues.
  • Ignite the passion, creativity and commitment that brought you to your career in the first place.
  • Understand how to recover from challenging co-worker and client interactions and not have it take over your day.
  • Go home to your friends and family in a better mood.

Focus on the 90% is one simple and transformational tool for your personal development toolbox that can transform your life. Everyone from management to the newest recruit can discover something in Darci's powerful and enduring message.

About Darci:

At the age of 49, Darci is an award-winning entrepreneur, a professional speaker, a best-selling author, a blogger, a wife and a mom. She walks the fine line of balancing home, family and work all with her powerful 90% attitude and she can inspire you to do the same.

Adopting her positive 90% technique has changed lives!